12 Tips on the Elements of a Successful Interview

An Article by Tali Nizic, Controllers on Call

Throughout the many years of my recruiting experience, I have collected feedback from employers and candidates alike. Fact: You will get hired because of the solid job you do during the interview. Remember: The interview is your opportunity to present yourself at your best. It is an opportunity to make a positive impression about you. How do you make your interview a successful one? From feedback as well as my own personal experience, please allow me to share with you a few of these elements of a successful interview:

Be prepared – research the company you are meeting with.

Read the web site which will supply you with a lot of information. In the event that there is no web site, call the company and ask to pick up annual reports, employee newsletters, promotional material and a corporate brochure. Where applicable, ask your recruiter for information. You need to find out what the company does, what a person in your position might be doing, and whether the company has growth potential.

Bring extra copies of your resume. Print your hard copy resumes on 100-gsm-weight paper, either white or ivory available at any office supplies store.
Be presentable, clean, tidy, and neat. Ensure that you dress for the position you are applying for.

Be punctual! It is good practice to arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of the interview. In the event that you are running behind, stop and make a phone call! Tell the interviewer that you will be late, ask whether that is suitable with their timetable. In the event that it is not suitable, re-schedule! When you arrive, apologize profusely!

Be courteous and pleasant. Include the individuals who will not be interviewing you, i.e. the receptionist. A good impression passed on to the interviewer will only work in your favor.

Greet the employer. Introduce yourself – extend a warm and firm handshake, make direct eye contact. Wait until you are invited to sit down. Be friendly. Smile. It is o.k. to be nervous. Let the employer know that you are nervous, that will “melt” the ice. Speak clearly. Build rapport. Get the interviewer to talk about the organizations past successes, future plans, and present resources. This will give you context for the interview.

Never smoke or drink alcohol before your interview. The smell is strong, and the aroma will follow you for a long time.

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