Socializing Online – An Essential Tool for Finding Employment

Socializing Online – An Essential Tool for Finding Employment

Based on two surveys recently conducted by, only 19% of job seekers are using social networking sites to search for employment. On the contrary, 44% of employers surveyed are actively using social sites to network, recruit and gather information for potential candidates.

Based on the employers surveyed the majority are using social networking sites to post jobs, pre-screen candidates and to network to fill their current openings. Based on this statistical data, has come up with a list of the top 5 reasons someone looking for a job should add social networking to their job search routine. The Top 5 include:

1. POST CREATIVE STATUS UPDATES (Facebook): Social networking circles are mainly comprised of friends and family members. A top priority should be letting them know you are looking for work, how you are looking for work and asking them for assistance in your search. You never know who they might know that can help you within your search.

2. FOLLOW COMPANIES YOU WANT TO WORK FOR: For example, on Twitter, you can follow companies. You should do this for two main reasons: 1. You will be the first to know about openings within their company before they seek outside assistance to recruit for the position. 2. Once you apply and get an interview, they will be impressed knowing that you belong to their social networking group and that you have been aware of the latest updates from them.

3. JOIN GROUPS: Join groups that relate to the type of employment that you are looking for. Post discussions, points of interest and even a professional summary of your background and what you are looking for.

4. ASK FOR CONNECTIONS: Ask your primary connections for introductions to their contacts that share the same background or interests as you. If you have 100 primary contacts and each of those contacts have 100 contacts, you have a network of over 10,000 potential people to network with.

5. CREATE A GROUP: Create a group and call it, for example, “Let’s Work Together to Search for Work”. Invite all your contacts that are searching for employment to join and ask them to add their contacts. Before you know it you will have a huge forum of people helping others find employment.

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