“November HR E-News: What Sustains You?”

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Article: What Sustains You?
Article Written By: Paul Hebert
We see the word sustainability a lot today. Mostly focused on environmental issues but I’m seeing it more and more being played out as a “human” issue – meaning what we do to “sustain” ourselves.
But I think we can confuse sustainability with the idea of “static.”
The definition on the Wikipedia page is a great way to view sustainability: “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”
I read that and think that sustainability isn’t about staying the same – it is about doing things that keep us in the fight even when things around us change. Change will happen. #FACT. However, what happens to us when things change isn’t writ large in stone.
We can change and still be sustainable.

HR Industry Updates

Ontario, PEI pushing for CPP enhancements
Ontario will push for improvements to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) when provincial and territorial finance ministers meet in Toronto today, and warns it will set up its own plan if necessary.Premier Kathleen Wynne says she wants to work with the federal government and other provinces to enhance the CPP, but will find what she calls a made-in-Ontario solution if she has to. READ MORE
Young, unpaid workers face thin protections under Ontario law
Ontario’s labour ministry has been warned that holes in provincial labour law leave young workers particularly vulnerable, the Star has learned. Unpaid interns aren’t protected by health and safety laws. Apprentices may not be fully protected by the Employment Standards Act. And many unpaid “internships” could be illegal. READ MORE

Article: Eight Things Real Leaders Do to Communicate More Effectively

Article Written By: Carina Wytiaz

1. Leaders listen

Instead of waiting to speak, leaders truly listen to what their employee is saying.
In order to communicate directives which will drive results, you have to really hear your employees. Leaders respond to questions, address concerns, and above all, listen with empathy.

2. Leaders organize their thoughts

The easiest way to lose your employee’s attention is to present a disorganized argument with a curtailed thought process.
If you’re in an informal, idea-generating meeting, by all means engage in that process. However, if you’re trying to communicate direction to your people, spend a few minutes organizing what you want to deliver to make sure the message is clear.

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