Second Interview Techniques

Your resumé is a beauty and your cover letter led to an interview. Your technique dazzled and you shone. And then, surprise! You get a call for a … second interview. The second interview is not uncommon. Often, they serve to offer employers a chance to better assess a candidate's skills. Also, they might help the employer to decide between the top candidates.
The basics
Firstly, your regular interview skills (researching the company, showing up on time, etc.) are still important in the second interview. But there are other challenges you need to be prepared for and the follow-up interview might be a good place to figure out not only how to fit into the company but also how the company can fit into your life.
What's in it for you?
A second interview is a positive sign showing a definite interest on the part of the employer. Take the time to find out what the company can offer you. Questions to ask on your second visit can include:
  • Do the people seem happy?
  • Do you feel welcome?
  • Do you like the facilities?
  • Do you like the management style?
  • Does this seem like a good place to work?
If you decide you’re ready for seconds, go to the next step and read on.
Looking good
If you only have one interview outfit wear it again with a different dress shirt or new accessories before wearing something that leaves you feeling less than confident. Even if the office culture is casual, remember you are not part of that culture yet, so showing up in jeans for a second interview is not a great idea. Do, however, take into account how the people you meet are dressed. Perhaps the power suit you wore to the first interview could be swapped for chinos, a shirt and tie, or a skirt and sweater set that shows you are professional and that you picked up on the company culture your first time around.
In rare instances you might be interviewed over a meal. If this is the case, refresh your table manners. On top of the stress of interviewing you don't want to be sweating over which fork to eat your salad with. Now, should you have a glass of wine during the interview? Probably not — it's never good to overindulge in alcohol because even a small amount may impair your judgment.
Final word
It can be frustrating to be called back a second, third or even fourth time. But it is important to keep your agitation to yourself. While it may seem unfair, the reality is that if you want the job you need to follow the process. Every interview is a step closer to your goal so try not to think of it as a waste of your time. Showing impatience at a crucial moment can blow the impression you have been working on — and that's an even bigger waste.

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