PanAm Games: Forced to Work from Home?

With the PanAm Games happening in the GTA, many have been forced to work from home to avoid the EXTRA long commute times.  

So how can you stay focused and get the job done working at a home office?  Here is our top ten list to help you be productive!

1. Start your morning with an enjoyable task to help build momentum 

2. Get up and get dressed as if you were going to your 9-5 job

3. Work off a to-do list

4. Leave the house for a scheduled lunch hour

5. Set-up appointments early in the morning or late in the afternoon

6. Define your work space; separate from your living space

7. Set boundaries with your family and friends

8. Set conference calls with your co-workers and/or be available online

9. Stay focused – don’t get distracted with things going on around you

10. Stick to a schedule

By Rachel Mitchell, Business Development Manager for is a full-service recruitment organization, including Website, full-service Recruitment Division and Outplacement Services. The local focus and advanced features make a vital asset for both job seekers and employers within the Greater Toronto Area. 

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