Office Manager – Part-time – 4 days per week

Our Recruitment Division client, a non-profit organization is recruiting for a qualified candidate who is able to focus on tasks at hand but also able to wear multiple "hats". 
This is a part-time position for 4 days per week from Monday to Thursday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (might be some flexibility).

If interested please email with your resume and salary expectations.
The perfect candidate will be able to help develop this growing organization and bring it to new levels.  The organization provides the community with opportunities such as:  Adult education classes, Holiday events, Early Childhood education classes and Summer camp. 
JOB TITLE: Multiple tasks and Managerial Positions
REPORTS TO: Director of the Organization

PURPOSE OF JOB: This employment opportunity will be responsible for multiple positions including:
-          Communications
-          Festival programming
-          Facilities
-          Inventory
-          Food Services
-          Administrative tasks

• Communication:  Will be involved in keeping proper relations with outside contacts and assist in all communications between parties.  Will provide communication between staff in the organization. 

• Festival Programming:  Will organize and execute events, festivals and holidays occurring throughout the year at the organization.  These tasks will include:  Securing a venue and time for event, assigning tasks to volunteers and helpers in organizing event, determining what aid will be required for event and what necessary purchases will be made.  Event must be conducted in an organized manner that is efficient and cost effective.

• Facilities:  Will be in charge of maintaining the schedule and be the liaison between the staff and the maintenance workers.  Will assure that the premises are kept up to standards by the maintenance staff and assure that all work is completed in a time conscious and cost effective manner. 

• Inventory:  Will assure that all items in the organization are kept in stock and are ordered on time.  Inventory will be kept in an organized fashion and systems will be improved upon to increase efficiency.  Ordering for all events, maintenance, classes etc, will be conducted via this position. 
• Food Services:  Assure that all events have a proper menu and help conceive such menus.  Put clear and detailed lists of what items will be required to have a proper event that is cost effective. 
• Be proactive in the company's organizational process. Inform the director of the organization if changes need to be made to systems and to improve on systems.  Be involved in the growth of the organization. 

1. Must be available during some events to assure all is functioning properly.
2. Mailings
3. Administrative tasks - answering phones and answering questions to those calling about the organization.  Answering emails.
ë  Accounts Receivable – statements etc. and weekly receipts
ë  All statement review, obtaining backups, sending cheques etc.

ë  Data entry
ë  Weekly CMS backups
ë  Database management – keeping all records up to date (births, deaths etc.)
ë  All e-mail correspondence sent to the general delivery mailbox
ë  All thank you letters
ë  Birthday Letters weekly
ë  Reference letters, appeals, follow-up, new home welcome, mayor, donation notifications, condolence, kids, etc.
ë  Posting events on local sites – daily/weekly
ë  Scheduling & writing all press releases
ë  Schedule ads in papers frequently and email designer design requests
ë  Coordinating Design jobs with Designers
ë  Quoting all print jobs with our  printers
ë  Coordinating big mailings with mailing house
ë  Overseeing in-house mailings, calculating & completing bulk mail paperwork
ë  Holiday Guides – customizing & mailing
ë  Recruiting volunteers for in-house mailings
ë  Brochures – customizing, mailing
ë  Sign-in sheet and $ sign for all events
ë  Processing sign-in sheet & credit cards
ë  Press Releases
ë  Recruitment Letters
ë  Banner
ë  Ordering Books
ë  Phone Calls – pre & during
ë  Reservations
ë  Follow up
ë  Troubleshooting computers, network, printers, copier, phones etc.
ë  Keeping phone system up to date, programming
ë  On-hold music – change for Holidays
ë  Back-ups for all computers
ë  Inventory and supply orders
ë  Banners for front lobby & front window – new ones every month to promote events
ë  Janitors schedule/tasks & hours
ë  General building management – placing service calls etc.
ë  Managing all vendors and accounts
ë  Handling all car insurance
ë  Proactively seeking and pursing available grants & fundraising opportunities

ë  Maintaining website, updating weekly or whenever necessary
ë  Weekly Email Newsletter
ë  Email list maintenance (with active input from all in-house staff)
ë  Occasional promotional emails such as Holiday greeting cards
ë  Website course updates
ë  Camp & School Website
ë  Calendar – solicitation letters, 15-point proofreading
ë  Anything else that comes your way J
1. Ability to think strategically
2. Experience in working with and managing people and positions

Physical Capabilities
1. Communication skills to work effectively as a team member and answer client inquiries.
2. Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.
3. Flexibility to be available for some holidays and events

• Acceptable Response Time
• Client Satisfaction
• Do Quality Work 

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