How to Optimize Your Time While In-Between Jobs

You’ve been let go from your job, or have recently graduated from school and cannot land a position in your field.  While it is certainly tempting to stay in bed all day and binge-watch Netflix, there are much better things you can be doing with your time to up the chances of getting a job.  Below are things that are essential to be on your way to getting the job of your dreams:

1)    Update your resume.  While you may not need an entirely new resume, you should probably freshen up your current credentials.  Update any new projects or accomplishments that have occurred since you last edited.  You can also consider giving your resume a whole new look to get noticed—play around with fonts, layouts, themes…but remember to always keep it professional and well-suited to the type of position you are looking for.

2)    Take care of yourself.  Eat healthy, exercise regularly, maintain good personal hygiene and socialize with friends and family.  Its easy to get into a funk and let yourself go, but it is critical that you stay in good spirts and good mental and physical health—your future employer depends on it!

3)    Network.  Networking is one of the most important aspects of finding a job.  Pull up any of your contacts in the industry, and ask them out for lunch or a coffee.  Ask about your field, the best places to look for jobs, any recommendations they may have or openings in the industry that they may know about, etc.  Be sure to follow-up with your contacts to keep the connection going.

4)    Attend Career Fairs.  Career Fairs give you the perfect opportunity to meet with many employers face to face. But ensure that you do not come underprepared.  Do your research—find out what companies are going to be there, and what positions they are hiring for.  Come up with an “elevator pitch” that you will use to tell employers about your professional background and what skills and knowledge you can offer the organization.  Remember to bring copies of your resume and always follow up with each company you are interested in after the fair.

5)    Apply for Jobs.  While it may seem obvious, applying for jobs isn’t something to be taken lightly.  When unemployed, applying to positions IS your FULL-TIME JOB.  You should plan out your day similarly to how a 9-5 work day would look: wake up, shower, get dressed, and find a place you can concentrate on your “work” for the day: applying to any and all positions that suit your credentials, location criteria, and interests.  Break for lunch to reset—and then go back to work.  Creating an account with online job boards is particularly useful, as is following their social media accounts: that way you can get notifications of new jobs and employers that are hiring in your area.

Always remember that this period of time in your career is only temporary, and as long as you are realistic about your expectations and believe in yourself, eventually hard work and perseverance will prevail.  Make the most out of your unemployment, and you won’t be unemployed much longer!

Written by Diane Ciszkowicz, Marketing Assistant. is the on-line recruitment website where you can post your resume, search and apply to 100’s of jobs in the Greater Toronto Area. You can also get career, interviewing and resume writing tips all at no cost to you. also provides recruitment services. Since 2002, has been a local leader in job postings in the GTA. Check out or email your resume to

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