Spring is Coming; Bring Your Resume Out Of Hibernation

Spring is the perfect time for new beginnings, new goals and a new career.  It is also the best time to update your current resume to make it accurate, relevant and attractive to potential employers.  Instead of re-writing your resume from top to bottom, simply bring your current resume out of hibernation and follow these simple steps:

1.   Change the visual style.
Like buying a stylish new spring outfit, your resume should get a style update as well.  Play around with different font types and layouts, but always keep in mind the type of job you are seeking.  Generally, the more creative your field (designer, graphic artist, etc.) the more fun you can have with “dressing up” your resume.  However, remember that simple style elements are usually more effective than complicated ones.

2.   Revise your summary.
Just as seasons change, so do career ambitions.  Your knowledge and experience shift and evolve, and your summary should reflect that.  If you were looking for entry-level positions last time you were in search of work, now may be the time to start reaching for mid-level roles.   As always, state your ambitions and expectations briefly and clearly, and focus on what you have to offer, not just what you want.

3.   Add to your education section.
Add any new courses you’ve taken or certifications you’ve earned since your last stint on the market. Even certain “non-traditional” methods of education (such as Google courses, Language-learning Software, YouTube tutorials) can be added, as long as they contribute to your current career goals. If you have lots to add, go back to your earlier qualifications and remove your high school diploma, and any training courses and certifications that don’t apply to your current job or industry.

4.   Update your work history.
Since you now have more work experience than when you were previously looking for a position, you’ll need to update your entire career timeline.  Add your most recent position title, employers name, location, and a list of responsibilities and important accomplishments in this role.  Then take a look at your remaining work experience and remove at least one that is least relevant to your current goals.

5.   Update your skills.
Have you increased your proficiency levels with specific software applications (Excel, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, etc.) in your last position? Have you moved from basic competency to “expert levels”? Have you learned some new skills that you couldn’t claim in the past?  Make sure all your knowledge is represented in your resume, so that employers can see why you are so invaluable to their company!

Follow these steps and land your dream job by the time the first spring flowers bloom.  Although there may still be snow on the ground, spring—and your next career--are just around the corner.

Written by Diane Ciszkowicz, Marketing Assistant. TorontoJobs.ca is the on-line recruitment website where you can post your resume, search and apply to 100’s of jobs in the Greater Toronto Area. You can also get career, interviewing and resume writing tips all at no cost to you. TorontoJobs.ca also provides recruitment services. Since 2002, TorontoJobs.ca has been a local leader in job postings in the GTA. Check out www.TorontoJobs.ca or email your resume to resumes@TorontoJobs.ca.

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